Brace Yourself, Winter ’19 is Coming!

Looks like Codey is about to snorkel away because here comes Astro shredding into your Sandboxes! Winter ’19 release dates and preview information were just announced.

If you are following the Salesforce announcements then you have most likely heard that the Winter ’19 release dates and preview information has been officially announced. As with each of Salesforce’s releases, Salesforce is providing a preview of the new release to several specified Sandbox instances before the full release date. This is very useful as it gives your admins and developers a chance to actually use the new features being released before they go live in Production.

Getting access to a release preview Sandbox instance is key to proactively providing knowledge, documentation, and training on new features. As consultants, we attempt to review all of the top features of Salesforce releases and the easiest way to be knowledgeable on these features is to actually use them hands on in a Sandbox.

Preview Orgs and How to Get One

A lesser known fact about Salesforce is that there are actually two different types of Sandbox instances: Preview Instances and Non-Preview Instances. To get the Winter ’19 preview, your Sandbox must be active on a preview instance. If you would prefer to keep working in Summer ’18 then you will need to ensure that your Sandbox is on a non-preview instance. Salesforce has published a blog post with instructions on how to get to your desired type of instance.

The important dates that you need to be aware of are September 7/8th, which are the Preview instance Winter ’19 release dates, and October 12/13th, which are the Non-Preview instance Winter ’19 release dates. As described in the previously mentioned Salesforce blog post, you need to ensure your sandboxes are on the correct instances to get your desired results. As most Salesforce Professionals will recommend, you should have at least one Sandbox org on a preview instance matching your Production configuration, so that your admins, developers, and partners can use it to explore new functionality.

Production Release Dates!

The next thing that you will need to begin preparing for is when your Production instance is hit by the Winter ’19 release. This is the date that you should have completed all of your Sandbox smoke testing. Completing testing before this date will ensure that your configuration is not negatively impacted by the release. This is also a good deadline to either train your users on the new features released or attend a meeting with a partner who can provide you training on the new features in this release. These dates also vary based on your Production instance. The dates are September 8th, October 6th, and 13th.

Check your Production instance in Setup>Company Information, then find your instance on Salesforce Trust where you will be able to see the scheduled maintenance for each server, which is how Salesforce will bring the Winter ’19 release to your org. This date is unavoidable so it is imperative that you are proactive and prepare so you can be a Salesforce Superstar in your company!

Stay tuned to the Plus Consulting blog pages for more information on Winter ’19 features as we get closer to the release dates!


Author: Preston Hafer –  8/15