Project Description

Pittsburgh Penguins
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The Pittsburgh Penguins engaged Plus+ to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Ticketmaster integration. The Penguins’ goal is to focus on the fan’s complete experience, not just on their bank account. Fans have the ability to create multiple accounts on different systems to manage their ticket purchases and loyalty program memberships. Building on our initial project success, Plus+ and the Penguins are expanding on the primary objectives by integrating the team’s hospitality and social media teams, ERP system, and loyalty points system into the project. Plus+ also integrated the Penguins’ customer service team into the program, enabling them to more efficiently respond to fan questions, comments, and concerns. In addition, Plus+ expanded the functionality of the Penguins’ marketing team to handle both inbound and outbound communications, enabling them to better track contests and fan loyalty, as well as manage, track, and automate marketing campaigns.

This project helped build the ultimate fan profile across the entire Penguins organization, improving fans’ experience both inside and outside the arena.