In today’s on-demand, hands-on culture, organizations are discovering that quick access to information is increasingly vital to their bottom line and remaining ahead of the competition. Plus Consulting’s Business Intelligence (BI) solutions deliver actionable insights that provide organizations with the means to make decisions quickly, reduce costs, and discover new opportunities for success.

By supplying insight into your customers’ buying behavior, your supply chain, and your business processes, Plus Consulting’s BI solutions provide your organization the tools required to quickly respond and adapt to current customer demands and market trends.

Leveraging the latest BI reporting tools, our team presents organizations with the interactive data they can manipulate to uncover trends and deliver powerful results, allowing them to make smarter business decisions. Plus+ expands our BI offer with a web portal solution that aggregates data and facilitates access to mission-critical information from anywhere in the world.

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The Heart of a Lightning Champion

Back in June 2018, Salesforce rolled out it's Lightning Champions program with the purpose of building a peer-to-peer community to help foster collaboration and adoption of Lightning within the Salesforce Ohana.

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